Jim McIntosh – ‘Danger….Life Changer’

This Kāpiti Kiwi could win this international competition for wildlife conservation – Jim McIntosh tells KCNews about his wild adventure.

My tour-“Danger….Life Changer!” is up there with the best of 1,000’s from all around the world. I designed my entry to publicise the work that two organisations that I have personally volunteered with, do in wildlife conservation in Namibia, never believing I could win.But got told last week mine was up there with the best!

Thanks for every vote you’ve placed everyone. The rules allow you to vote ever 24 hours. Now we have until the 25th April.

We’re behind but we can do it if we can build a tally close to the top group to allow the judges to decide on all the other criteria. Public votes are important but the tour is also based on other merits. So can I ask that you go to the above link, vote, then bookmark it in your favourites, so it only takes a few clicks to vote every day for the next week.

Sure I win a trip. But it means EHRA and Naankuse get a massive ‘donation’ from GAP because GAP have to send 8 volunteers to them possibly worth in excess off $15,000 US! Plus each organisation benefits with the ongoing publicity they gain, from this tour entry becoming GAP Adventures 20th anniversary flagship promotional tour. The net result for these two magnificent organisations is enormous.

You are voting for this-


and this –


Your vote, each day, is a vote to protect Namibia’s desert elephants, orphan cheetah, wounded leopard, disadvantaged San Bushman children…..you can enable a huge donation. It costs nothing but a minute a day.

But it’s gonna cost me a few beers LOL.

I never thought this was all possible when I first placed my entry, but we can see a Kāpiti Kiwi win this for two fantastic organisations I have personally volunteered with and will visit again.