Job losses ‘Huge blow to Kāpiti’

Telstra Clear’s announcements that 120 jobs could go from their call centres, including 50 in Paraparaumu, again highlight the Government’s lack of ideas about retaining jobs says Mana MP Luamanuvao Winnie Laban.

Telstra Clear announced it could be moving the jobs to the Philippines in order to cut costs.

“The loss of these jobs would be a huge blow to the Kāpiti community. The call centre is a very big employer in the region, and many of the employees have young families to support” said Winnie Laban.

“The Government needs to do more to keep jobs like this in New Zealand, and to help communities like Paraparaumu. Unfortunately, they have no plan for keeping people in jobs, and are intent on making life harder for people who are laid off. A rise in GST will only make the cost of living higher for unemployed people.

“They have been silent about a recent trend of companies moving their jobs offshore, such as ANZ, Fisher and Paykel, Telecom and Yellow Pages.

“I would like to add my voice to Kāpiti’s Mayor Jenny Rowan in asking Telstra Clear to not cut these jobs.

“I only wish the Government had a plan in place to limit companies moving their jobs overseas during this time of economic hardship.

“People affected by these changes are welcome to contact me through my office if they require assistance on Kāpiti Toll-Free 298-5846” Winnie Laban said.