Robyn Kahukiwa exhibition and sale in Raumati South

Robyn Kahukiwa is holding an exhibition of works for sale at the Lembas Cafe in Raumati South from April 26 to May 14.

Since the early 1970s Robyn Kahukiwa has been painting and exhibiting art that celebrates socio-cultural issues some which are controversial that are central to the Maori experience in Aotearoa New Zealand today but equally relevant to all indigenous peoples of the world; ranging over issues such as colonialism and the dispossession of indigenous people, motherhood and bloodties, social custom, mythology and political activism.

A uniquely Polynesian treatment and bright, vivid palettes have made Robyn’s art instantly recognisable and respected by the world’s leading art historians such as Edward Lucie-Smith. In Robyn’s own words her works reflect the mana or prestige of her people; strength, energy, dynamism and continuance.