Is now the time to stop marketing your business?

No of course not it’s a fact for any business that marketing and making sales are the ways to produce recurring and new income. The challenge in a sluggish economy is to find newer and more innovative ways of promoting your operation.

One overlooked way that costs very little, but which can have huge payoffs, is entering the local and regional business awards. In the Nature Coast region these are the 2010 Electra Business Awards.

Businesses all over the country have been recognised for business excellence, community service, or leadership. However, often the real marketing payoff is the stories through the media about the winning companies.

You become newsworthy and the media wants to tell your story. Newspaper and Radio interviews follow and your profile is lifted – which can lead to more opportunities i.e. bidding on contracts often beyond local markets.

The absolute best thing about winning awards is the credibility of having someone else tooting your horn. You can then use this endorsement in your marketing mix by proudly displaying your winner’s logo on websites, order forms, other advertising and so on.

However, none of this is yours unless you take the first step. Go to the business awards website today and register your interest. You will have access to help in taking you through the process and you can be sure that you are taking a right step in marketing your business.

Now is not the time to stop marketing your businesses… go to