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Covid and your personal records

Covid and your personal records

Q&A: My COVID Record What if I had my vaccinations overseas? My COVID Record draws…

October 17, 2021
Charity Book Fair – read all about it

Charity Book Fair – read all about it

The Lions Charity Book Fair on  at Waikanae Memorial Hall saw big crowds turn up…

October 16, 2021
Kāpiti gets out to Saturday Vax

Kāpiti gets out to Saturday Vax

Martin Halliday, KCDC Ward Councillor for Paraparaumu got his second Covid shot this week at…

October 15, 2021
Kāpiti Art on a Roll

Kāpiti Art on a Roll

Loo paper is still flying off the shelves and just in time to help out…

October 14, 2021
Graeme Joyes chats with Jason Bei

Graeme Joyes chats with Jason Bei

Graeme Joyes chats with Kāpiti acupuncturist Jason Bei Conversations is a popular programme on…

October 10, 2021
Being Older and Bolder in Kāpiti

Being Older and Bolder in Kāpiti

Kāpiti writer Angela Robertson is all about maximising potential as she prepares to launch her…

October 9, 2021

Mary Poppins takes off in Kāpiti

Mary Poppins takes off in Kāpiti

The current Kāpiti production of Mary Poppins is a great reminder that you don’t always…

October 7, 2021
Update – Serious Crash, SH 1, Te Horo

Update – Serious Crash, SH 1, Te Horo

Police can confirm that one person has died following a serious crash on SH 1…

October 5, 2021
Kāpiti Community Foodbank is a moving feast

Kāpiti Community Foodbank is a moving feast

The Kāpiti Community Foodbank will be relocating into a temporary premises at the end of…

October 5, 2021
Kāpiti Radio Yacht Club Twilight sailing

Kāpiti Radio Yacht Club Twilight sailing

The Kāpiti Radio Yacht Club is holding a twilight sailing event to enable those who…

October 5, 2021
Police training exercise in Kāpiti

Police training exercise in Kāpiti

As part of the regular training for their specialist teams, Police will be undertaking a…

October 4, 2021
Kāpiti re-cycling a winner with Bike Library

Kāpiti re-cycling a winner with Bike Library

From Peka Peka to Pukerua Bay cyclists are being helped out by the superb community…

October 3, 2021

Arts News

Elizabeth Kay in Kāpiti Book Talk

June 13, 2020

Sunday 12 July in the Paraparaumu Library Meeting Room at 2:00 pm The Kāpiti Friends of the Library are hosting Elizabeth Kay who will speak about her book Eddie Norman and 25 Battalion. The book is based on the letters and writings of her father Eddie Norman who was at El Alamein and Cassino in WWII and would become Bishop of Wellington and in 1984 a Knight…

Major funding boost for Mahara Gallery

June 1, 2020

The project which seeks to transform Mahara Gallery to bring it up to professional gallery standard has received a major boost following donations this year totaling some $270,000. Mahara Gallery Trust Board Chairman, Professor Les Holborow, says the latest donation of $100,000 from an anonymous local donor, has been a welcome addition to three substantial donations received since the beginning of the year. They include Professor Holborow’s…

Business News

Covid Vaccine info for Employers

May 18, 2021

With Covid19 Vaccination programmes underway there are many questions for employers and employees about the process and requirements. Employment expert Julia Palmer of Star People in Kāpiti addresses some of the rights and obligations. A common question is can employers make their employees get vaccinated. Ms Palmer says no. “Employers can only require that certain roles are performed by employees who are vaccinated, for instance if the…

Grant Robertson serves up Budget

May 6, 2021

Thursday 3 June 2021 (note, not usual Wed) 7.15am to 9am | Southward Car Museum Post-Mortem 2021 Budget – Impact on New Zealander’s and BusinessThe Electra Business Breakfast is hosting the Deputy PM, Hon Grant Robertson, who will dissect the 2021 Budget that he will deliver to New Zealanders on Thursday 20 May.On 4 May Minister Robertson spoke to a business crowd in Wellington, and he said his Ministers…

Why social enterprise is important in our local economy

May 3, 2021

Electra Business Breakfast will host Raechel Osborne, CEO and Board Member, Mike Styles of Kāpiti Youth Support (KYS) will speak about the value and importance of social enterprise in our local economy.Organisations like KYS are part of the daily fabric of many local families in Kāpiti. Their response to COVID and the reality of 2021 as an established social enterprise doing the mahi to support mental wellbeing…


Kāpiti Food Fair Good to Go

November 5, 2021

In the lead up to Kāpiti’s premiere foodie event, the team behind the Kāpiti Food Fair say they are thrilled and hugely relieved to share some good news with the community, the vendors and those who plan on attending. “We are good to go under NZ Government Alert Level 2 with unrestricted attendance on Saturday 4th December 2021 at the Mazengarb Reserve in Paraparaumu on the Kāpiti…

PR Battle rages over Kāpiti Airport

November 1, 2021

It seems battle lines are drawn around Kāpiti airport and unusually one person who seems determined for it not to be an airport is the airport CEO. Controversial CEO Chris Simpson has become a divisive figure on an issue that will have a huge impact on Kāpiti’s future. Mr Simpson will be guest speaker at the Electra Business Breakfast on Wednesday Nov 3 (details below) where they…

Kāpiti ‘Strawsome’ Hospice fundraiser cancelled

October 30, 2021

For only the second time in 15 years, Mary Potter Hospice has cancelled its Kāpiti Strawberry Festival. The fundraising event that attracts thousands of people each year to enjoy a taste of summer has been cancelled because of Covid. It was due to be held on 20 November. “This is such a disappointment, but we know it’s the right decision,” says Mary Potter Hospice chief executive Brent…


Kāpiti raves for Gold Dust Woman

February 26, 2021

The Gold Dust Woman Show had a good deal of hype leading up to the event last week in Kāpiti, so what was the verdict. Well a full crowd at Southwards went nuts for it. Singing (and many dancing) along to Stevie Nicks’ numbers well known to the audience. Fantastic, brilliant, wow…, you get the picture. These were comments from a hugely appreciative audience and the star…

Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty Tribute in Kāpiti

February 16, 2021

Seven Wonders Fleetwood Mac Showcase was formed in 2018. Through growth and determination has now evolved into the ultimate experience that is – Stevie Nicks Showcase ‘Gold Dust Woman’ with special guest Tom Petty Tribute. Inspired by her love of the songs and voice of Stevie Nicks, Rachel Williams turned her dreams into reality; emotionally attached by a life of struggle she has turned her Dust into…

Rodger Fox Jazz Ensemble with Erna Ferry kicks of Mulled Wine Concerts

January 28, 2021

Rodger Fox Jazz Ensemble with Erna Ferry The Kāpiti Coast is home to many people who love the sound of jazz, and most of them will be fans of New Zealand’s premier jazzman, Rodger Fox. Mulled Wine Concerts in Paekākāriki are kicking off their 2021 season with a hot summer’s Saturday night of jazz- featuring Rodger with his Jazz Ensemble and special guest singer, Erna Ferry.…


Kāpiti Recycling to get Makeover

March 17, 2021

Kāpiti Rotary Club president Shirley Stratton led a large team of volunteers in assembling and delivering new recycling bins throughout Kāpiti. Kāpiti residents will now have received the new Waste Management recycling bins (Please note – these apply to Waste Management customers only) – links below explain collection times and usage. “At a recent community event, where Kāpiti Rotary members were highly visible, a club member was…

Lower Carbon Emissions call for Greater Wellington Region

February 9, 2021

Consultation calls for lower carbon emissions, safer roads and a more connected transport network across the Wellington region Public consultation is open for the Regional Land Transport Plan 2021 (RLTP) which is calling on the community’s views on how to make a safer, more sustainable transport network for our region. Regional Transport Committee Chair and Greater Wellington Regional Councillor, Adrienne Staples says that the RLTP is a…

Climate Commission: NZ on track to miss methane targets

January 23, 2021

A principal analyst for the Climate Change Commission told a public webinar that more needs to be done to reduce agricultural emissions or the country will miss its methane targets, Marc Daalder reports from Newsroom New Zealand is on track to miss its targets for reducing methane emissions, according to the Climate Change Commission. Sally Garden, a principal analyst for the Commission, told a public Zoom webinar that…


Fewer people to face end of year tax bills

July 9, 2020

The Government is moving to ease financial stress for around 149,000 taxpayers by changing the rules around write-offs for tax debt.”Fewer people will have tax bills to pay this year,” said Revenue Minister Stuart Nash.”Inland Revenue’s end of year automatic income tax calculation process for individuals is currently underway and is expected to run until early July. It is the annual wash up which results in people…


Katherine Kelly stands for Waikanae Board

September 18, 2020

Like many Kāpiti residents, Kath Kelly and her family got to know Waikanae through many years of family holidays. She remembers the freedom that the wide-open spaces provided her and her brothers. Kath and her husband have made Waikanae their home since 2013 and are enjoying being very active in the community at Waikanae Beach. Kath’s career has been in Insurance and Finance where she honed both…


Kāpiti Grey Power welcomes new Council

November 1, 2019

Kāpiti Coast Grey Power has congratulated the incoming Council and says they look forward to continuing a productive relationship with it over the next three years.Kāpiti Coast Grey Power president, Trevor Daniell congratulated the Mayor and returning Councillors on being re-elected and welcomed those incoming. “With six new Councillors there is an interesting mix of old and new faces that will service the community well in the…

National recognition for Kāpiti Retirement Trust

October 31, 2019

At its national conference held in Wellington last week the NZ Aged Care Association, which represents more than 90% of residential aged care facilities in New Zealand, confirmed what Kāpiti residents have known for decades.That is, care provided at Kāpiti Retirement Trust’s aged care hospital is amongst the very best in the country.In the annual Excellence in Care Awards, run by the Association, the Trust’s manager of…

Kāpiti Grey Power receives grant to promote Age Friendly Communities

October 10, 2019

Kāpiti Coast Grey Power has received a $10,000 grant from the Office for Seniors to help promote an Age Friendly community.Vice president Kevin Burrows says 27% of Kāpiti residents are over the age of 65, one of the highest demographics of this age in the country and is expected to increase over the next ten years.”The purpose of the grant is to hold community workshops to gather…


Music Marathon for Kāpiti

May 10, 2021

MAY 15 AT 2 PM UTC+12 – MAY 16 AT 7 PM UTC+12 Local Scene Music Marathon! The Local Scene Kāpiti, are hosting a Music Marathon on the weekend of May 15-16 starting at 2pm Tickets:  Pre Sales $10. (arriving early next week) Door Sales $15. Some awesome talent on display as listed below: Saturday2-3pm City Square3-3.30pm Dave Lewis3.30-4.30pm Panacea4.30-5.30pm The AJ Crawshaw Band5.30-6.30pm Oh Sweet Nothings6.30-7.00pm The…

Directions in Jazz: West Coast/Cool Jazz

May 10, 2021

FRIDAY AT 7 PM UTC+12; St Peters Village Hall, Paekākāriki Recently returned from 20 years performing abroad, award-winning pianist Duncan Haynes presents Directions in Jazz, a series of concerts celebrating the joy of improvisation, each one showcasing a different flavour of the music we call jazz. May 2021 puts the focus on Hard Bop and West Coast/Cool Jazz. Both feature killing bands with decades of international experience…

Lions Charity Book Fair

May 7, 2021

The Lions Charity Book Fair on Saturday from 8am-5pm at the Waikanae Memorial Hall is expected to see hundreds of book enthusiasts attend. Peter Cresswell has been running the Book Fair for 22 years and says this one day event is in addition to the usual two day event in October. “We have had a big build up of books and there are more than we need…


Work Ready Kāpiti making a difference.

June 17, 2019

Proving the value in programmes such as the ones delivered by Work Ready Kāpiti can be tricky as students/youth move on and it can be hard to track the direct impact that the programmes had. So, it’s fantastic to come across a story such as this where a local Kāpiti youth has found employment in his chosen industry due directly to the Work Ready Kāpiti programmes.Eighteen year…

Kāpiti group SEAR launch ethical fashion campaign

April 28, 2019

SEAR Societal is a youth-led societal action group based at Paraparaumu College.”I’m sure you’ve all heard the term, ‘a wardrobe to die for’ before, but what if that was, in fact, the case? “Demand for fashion has become so intense that 250,000 Indian cotton farmers have committed suicide in the last 15 years because of the debt accumulated trying to keep up with the growing economy. A…