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Small Business Support Group Launched In Kāpiti

April 7, 2013

The purpose of Kāpiti Coast Business Network is to help local small business support and promote each other. Word Of Mouth is still and always will be the best form of Marketing.Informality is the key with this network where members meet once a month between 5.15 pm and 7.00 pm and over a beer, glass of wine or Lemonade chat together in a low key way about…

Kāpiti Chamber chair highlights events

March 31, 2013

There’s a number of interesting courses and events promoted in this edition and we hope to continue bringing you this sort of thing. We are a not-for-profit volunteer-based body dedicated to helping to create wealth and employment in Kāpiti via business.The new Chamber Board is taking shape, and we have adopted a ‘portfolio’ approach aimed at ensuring (as much as possible) that all the major business segments…

Kāpiti April Electra Business Breakfast Evan Davies

March 28, 2013

Economic development on the Kāpiti Coast take off time!Todd Property Group Managing Director Evan Davies will talk about the prospects for growth on the Kāpiti Coast and his vision for development of the airport and surrounding area.As majority owners of Kāpiti Landing, Todd Property is investing heavily in the future of the Coast. Davies will discuss the vital role this development will play in the Kāpiti economy,…


Kāpiti Community Foodbank fills necessary role

October 16, 2013

The Annual General Meeting of the Kāpiti Community Foodbank was held on 23 August, 2013 and attended by twenty supporters.The Chairperson had resigned earlier in the year due to ill health and Pam Thornbury was elected as the new Chairperson with Cherie Wood as Treasurer and Mary Pincott as Secretary. Two members resigned from the Management Committee and one new person was elected. The Committee reported on…

A close shave at the Waikanae Club

September 8, 2013

These courageous souls gave up their golden (and some grey) locks in a good cause at the Waikanae Club last week.As a fundraiser for Child Cancer several gentlemen members of the Waikanae Club sacrificed their normally suave hairdos in favour of a more polished look.Photo by Sandi Davison

Club HUHA needs a helping hand in Ōtaki

September 7, 2013

We are so busy at Club HUHA that we are seeking to increase our team at our Ōtaki shelter.If you think you’ve got what it takes to shovel poo, hose out wees, and sort out dirty washing, you will be rewarded ten-fold with love, cuddles and affection from all our doggy residents. It can be hard work, but oh so rewarding knowing you are making a difference…


Rampant Aussies invade Waikanae Estuary

January 1, 2010

Dangerous Australian imposters are causing problems at Waikanae Estuary. Posing as New Zealand natives, a bunch of Tasmanian troublemakers are squeezing out the locals, forcing local government agencies to take decisive action.

Gorse cleared by Whareroa Guardians

January 1, 2010

Another busy month has passed. A good working bee produced lots of seeds, a further large area of the Dell cleared of gorse and more plants released. Many thanks to: Dave Allen, Ruby Durrant-Bush, Dawn Bush, Breda Ryan, Peter Kentish, Margaret Mills, Jean Macallan, Philip Corleison, Jonathon Waterworth, Bernard Cammack, Ann Evans and special thanks to Sascha Wassong who brought his dad and friends Max and Kristina…


Call to wandering mayor

June 13, 2010

The Alliance for a Sustainable Kāpiti welcomes the news that Mayor Rowan is to contest the Kāpiti mayoralty this coming election. Mayor Rowan was elected last term on her platform of environmental sustainability, social justice and local democracy.ASK spokesman Nick Fisher, commenting on the Mayor’s announcement, said “Unfortunately Mayor Rowan has wandered from her mandated position during the past term, supporting the reduction in capacity at our…

LG Act Amendment – Privatisation by stealth?

June 12, 2010

The Local Government Act 2002 Amendment Bill – is it privatisation by stealth? Despite more than fifty clauses in the Local Government Act 2002 Amendment Bill which reduce the time councils spend consulting with people, it’s interesting that one proposal, to allow councils to extend contracts with the private sector for water services from 15 to 35 years, has caught the public’s eye.