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Rob McCann speaks on Senior Citizen's Policy
August 2014
Labour Candidate Rob McCann had plenty of support at an impromptu rally in Waikanae.

"Our electorate has the oldest average age in New Zealand, so the release of Labour's Senior Citizen's Policy is of significant interest to many within the electorate," says Rob McCann, Labour Candidate for the Otaki Electorate.

"As we are all going to get older, how we care for our elderly affects every single one of us.
"Many will be wondering why those who work in the aged care are some of the lowest paid in our community. Careers undertake important and vital work and need to be supported.

  • Labour will establish an Aged Care Working Group to develop reports to the aged care sector.
    The working group will also be tasked with advising on an agreed timeframe and funding to implement:
    o A continuum of care model that puts the older person at the centre of an individualised plan, starting from ageing in place at home to hospital, respite and palliative care
    o Agreed staffing levels for safe residential care, dementia care and home and community care
    o Consistent provision of elder abuse and neglect prevention services across the country

    "We must also ensure our senior citizens are looked after. After all, they worked all their lives to help build up many of the assets that this government has now sold.

  • Labour will: Introduce free GP visits and make prescriptions free for all people over 65 and over.
  • Extend the Rates Rebate Scheme to those living in retirement villages.

    "National has put its head in the sand regarding the affordability of Superannuation:

  • Labour will increase the age of eligibility from 65 to 67 starting in 2020 and taking 12 years to phase this in.
  • Develop a transition payment for those who are not able to keep working.
  • Review the legislation around portability of pension schemes.
  • Review the differences between support for foster carers and kin carers (including grandparents).
  • Continue to support off-peak travel using the Super Gold Card.
  • Restart contributions to the Super Fund when the books are in the black.

    "Labour has been listening to the needs of our senior citizens and the aged care sector. We will ensure that the system is fair and works," says Mr McCann.

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