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Reason for KCDC to flush
July 2014
Social issues campaigner Dale Evans delivers a message to KCDC

Social issues campaigner Dale Evans says the current council has not done enough to reduce debt and the introduction of water meters has been another disaster.

Mr Evans placed a toilet on the top of his vehicle with signage to indicate the KCDC debt. "I think the toilet is an appropriate symbol to represent the way KCDC treat the people of Kapiti. They don't seem to have any problem flushing away millions of ratepayers money on consultants and lawyers and the water meters are yet another example of looming legal battles."

Mr Evans says the toilet idea came from its inventor Thomas Crapper and he says KCDC are using it well on the people of Kapiti.

"The people of Kapiti were told they would get two trial bills before the water meter charging started. They lied. I don't know of anybody that has had two trial bills and I do know of plenty of people who haven't even had one yet and there have been hundreds go out that are just plain wrong."

"It is not about saving water and it is about getting revenue from the ratepayers.No doubt to spend on consultants who advise them about the water meters and the lawyers who will have to fight their battles from yet another crazy KCDC scheme," said Mr Evans.

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