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I have integrity, honesty, intelligence and local knowledge. I have no contracts, affiliations, relatives or other direct interests in KCDC.
Kapiti should be a happier place to live. The constant litigation; bickering with regional council and recourse to numerous expensive consultants is unnecessary.
Decisions must be made by elected councillors not by consultancy firms.
The recent threat by IANZ to take away building consenting because of
KCDC inadequacies; the poor process in relation to ratepayers
grievances,; the horrendous indebtedness (126 Million dollars) and yet
another rate increase of over five percent shows there is a disconnect
between the high earning officials of council and the rest of us.
Traffic issues for commuters, the disaster of Kapiti Rd traffic
'mismanagement' and poor parking facilities at stations and key public
areas is scandalous in a modern community. I will work with you and for you to make sure real improvements are made.

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