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Brian Hooper - Profile
Dr Brian Hooper is seeking a District wide Council seat.

Dr Brian Hooper

My background is mostly in education. I first trained as a male nurse at Burnham Military Hospital. Then came Auckland Teachers College, teaching, and two principal positions. One interesting period was being an education officer at the Auckland War Memorial Museum with oversight of the Egyptology section. My study process led ultimately to a Ph.D. in history.
I came to Kapiti in 1983 to pastor a Baptist Church. In this millennium I have been counselling and teaching counselling. Having been a resident of Kapiti for thirty years, I have seen significant changes in our beautiful district and taken careful note of how it has been administrated. There have been many good decisions, but also many dubious ones. I do have some very specific views on some issues. But as a member of a team, any view needs to be filtered and honed through the team.

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