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Jackie Elliott - Profile
Jackie Elliott - District wide Council candidate

When Kapiti separated from Hutt County Council in 1974, I was nine.
We were proud of our Kapiti Borough Council.
I wrote to our first Mayor, Barry Hadfield and have taken part in Council's processes ever since.
We have seen Mayors, Councils come and go, but nothing compares with the last six years.
Complete breakdown of trust between the public and a council who refuse to listen to or respect residents while driving us into a $196 million debt.

I want to be part of a completely new team concentrating on core business activities and building the dam to future-proof our district.

Kapiti's future need not be bleak.We can Harvest new found community energy. using creatively of our young. knowledge of old-time residents and the fresh ideas of new arrivals. You are Kapiti's greatest asset, and I look forward to serving you all.

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