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Wellington Regional Council offices closed to public
July 2013

Wellington Regional Council offices in Wakefield St remain closed to the public today as engineers continue to assess the building.

Structural engineers have indicated that while the building structure as a whole has not sustained significant damage following Sunday evening's 6.5 earthquake, post earthquake investigations have shown the stairwells are compromised and should not be used.

The Executive Leadership Team and Chair of the Council have been meeting today to discuss alternative accommodation options for its Wakefield Street staff, and to put in place contingency plans which will enable urgent and statutory work to continue without interruption.

Regional Council Chief Executive Dave Benham says "essential operations including bulk water supply and all on the ground operations including flood protection, biodiversity, biosecurity, parks, harbour master etc have not been affected by the earthquake and continue to work normally."

"The ground floor of the Council building is operational and reception will be open to the public from tomorrow."

Staff are advised to check emails including personal emails, and the council website for updates. Managers will be in touch by phone to advise updates.

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