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Elliott says building Kapiti Dam is core business
July 2013

"Water supply and waste water management are the core business of any Council and I will concentrate on 'getting core business right' as Mayor of Kapiti," says leading Mayoral candidate Jackie Elliott.
"I look forward to being part of a Council that builds the Maungakotukutuku Dam as the only significant infrastructure investment I have planned for the next triennium," says Ms Elliott.
"The current council accepted the dam as one of four preferred options for long term water supply. They are now two years behind their own project timeline and I am keen to fix this. According to KCDC consultants the dam will be operational in three years.
"This Council said they would not introduce water meters, and they did, at the first meeting after they were elected. I am most well known for leading the public campaign against this decision, and true to my principles, I will not be instigating volumetric charging for water, the supply of which is Councils core business concern. Kapiti is now home to the world's most expensive leak detection system.
"The project is an example of an expensive mistake where a common sense approach could have prevailed. It is now time for common sense," says Ms Elliott.

Jackie Elliott (added 317 weeks ago)
Thanks to Jennie for raising the cost issue. The Mayor's report on water supply options released just prior to the last election, showed the main policy platform the current council were elected on and it does not include water meters. Council's own cost for the dam seems to have escalated by $20m over three years. These costings were prepared by the TAG working group. Yes we need to save water in Kapiti, the two biggest wastages are the rain water that runs out to sea and the leakage of expensive reticulated water from KCDCís own infrastructure. These are issues that need addressing, this is core business. I am not sure of Aucklandís daily usage, however I do not apply the worldwide belief that fresh water is a in finite supply applies to Kapiti as we have rainfall in the hills 11 months of the year. It's about political will, if the people of Kapiti want a dam, it will be started and completed, a two year construction timeline is projected by the TAG group, once district plan issues are worked out. The Mayor has stated last Thursday that they are $125m in debt. However council predicts that the debt will be $196m by 2016 if they follow the District plan. As KCDCís figures have always been inconsistent, it will be hard to predict the annual rate rise. However after the election, it will be time for transparency on these matters.
Jennie Gutry (added 317 weeks ago)
How much will our rates increase by building the dam now?
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