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Asset Sales flagship seen as Shipwreck
May 9, 2013
By Ariana Paretutanganui-Tamati

As shares in Mighty River Power float on the Stock Exchange the living standards of many ordinary people will continue to sink as investors seek to recoup the money they have invested and demand higher profits. Power prices are highly likely to rise as a consequence.

Nationals Asset Sales flagship policy is a `Shipwreck' for the vast majority of New Zealanders who are seeing their children's inheritance, living standards and affordable power being sunk by this Government.

Only 3% of New Zealanders `Get a Share in It' (Mighty River Power). This Government is literally `stealing from the poor to give to the rich' and legitimising trading in `stolen assets', says Aotearoa is Not for Sale.

Asset Sales only benefits a few `mum and dad' investors. As predicted by the opponents of these sales, it's finance institutions and foreign corporations that have benefited the most.

Aotearoa is Not for Sale – Wellington will stage a protest outside the Stock Exchange at 7am tomorrow Friday the 10 May to try and prevent a crime being committed. Later in the day they will also float and `sink' a cardboard boat at Taranaki wharf at 12.30pm, the day and time of the share float to symbolise the above.

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