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Elliott announces candidacy for District Wide Council seat
March 2013
Jackie Elliott announces Council election bid.

Kapiti businesswoman Jackie Elliott says she will be a candidate for a district-wide seat in the Council elections in October.
"I have had huge public support and encouragement to stand and after some serious deliberation I am putting my name forward. If Council was running smoothly then I would say let them get on with it, but it is clear to everyone that this is not the case."
Ms Elliott says she has also had considerable public support for a bid at the Kapiti mayoralty.
"At this stage that is still a live option. I will give it full consideration over the next few weeks and will then make an announcement as to whether or not I will allow my name to go forward for the Mayoralty as well."
Ms Elliott was elected by a comfortable margin to the Otaki Community Board in a by-election last year.
"The Community Board experience has been interesting and has also highlighted some of the deficiencies of KCDC's processes that have seen our communities seriously divided over so many issues.
Ms Elliott, who lead the petition to have a referendum on water meters, says that was a classic example of how Council was out of touch with the community.
"We gained over 8000 signatures in nine weeks yet Council ignored the voices of all those people . It is a disgrace for a Council to be so dismissive of the people it was elected to serve."
Ms Elliott says there are many pressing issues facing Kapiti. "The Council's debt is projected to reach $196 million which is staggering for a district of our size. The handling of the Coastal Erosion issue has been a debacle and a long term solution to water supply is still not being addressed in a meaningful way. The solution of building a dam which has always been obvious to the people of Kapiti has eluded a Council set on water meters, invasive river recharge and bores."
"The other big issue confronting Kapiti is amalgamation and the implications for Kapiti. It is vital that local democracy is preserved while we benefit from the gains of greater efficiencies in local government," says Ms Elliott.
"I believe it is a time for fresh voices and fresh perspectives because it is very clear that what we have now doesn't work".

Jackie Elliott (added 333 weeks ago)
To K Roberts - thank you for your thoughts, all feedback is welcome even the unflattering comments. A point of clarification - I did not say the K was pornographic; I said at the KCDC meeting this was one of the comments people had asked me to pass on to Council. As far as what direction the current mayor and council are moving us in there is still plenty of debate in the community.
K Roberts (added 333 weeks ago)
It would be a sad day for Kapiti indeed if we had someone who falsified recordings of a councillor over the water meter situation, who sees pornography in the letter K - which resulted in the world media mocking Kapiti - as our Mayor. Our mayor Jenny Rowan and her council have bravely moved Kapiti forward with water SOLUTIONS, the Aquatic centre, concil buildings, economic development and much more. If Ms Elliott was more informed she would realise that water meters are the only senesible solution here.
J. Appleseed (added 333 weeks ago)
Personally I hope Elliott goes for the Mayors seat. A fine Kapiti Coaster, a proven leader.Bring on the election. She gets my vote anyday.
J Abbott, Paraparaumu (added 333 weeks ago)
At last a candidate for Council who actually has something to say that is worth listening to. There will be a big cleanout of this council so people like Ms Elliott will be a big step forward for Kapiti.
B Thomas (added 333 weeks ago)
I hope she stands for mayor. Would be a massive improvement on what we have now. It's about time Kapiti had a younger mayor who is in touch with the public.
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