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Rubak Wins Island Swim
March 2013
Swimmers line up at Rangatira Bay on Kapiti Island for homebound swim

Ben Rubak, age 17, was an impressive winner of Raumati Swimming Clubs annual Mainland to Kapiti Swim.The event was the 50th for the club ans was held in perfect weather conditions but less than perfect sea conditions.

The 16 competitors braved a strong southerly swell earning the admiration of onlookers.

Kapiti Island staff and visitors surprised by the appearance of 17 support vessels in Rangatira Bay on Sunday afternoon were delighted to be able to witness the 2nd start of the race as swimmers dived in for the return swim. Most headed straight for Raumati to counteract the swells. Bens time was 1 hr 14 minutes, 11 seconds followed by 26 year old Casey Glover with 1 hr 16 minutes 33 seconds, then third place getter Yuri Taylor, age 15 finished in 1 hr 27 minutes and 7 seconds. The first woman home was Renne Lawton age 15 in 1 hour 30 minutes ans 32 seconds.
The annual event is organised by the Raumati swimming club, and time keeper, Henrietta Latham, said, in 50 years we are getting a lot faster,Casey Glover holds the current record for the swim.

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