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A sign of the times - 'debt going through the roof'
June 2012
Dale Evans points out the latest debt figure over $100million for the Kapiti Council

Kapiti personality Dale Evans says Council's debt is out of control and is going through the roof.

"I copped some criticism from councillors when I put a sign on my billboard a couple of weeks back stating the gay times are over and showing Kapiti Council's debt at $75million. In all their criticism of me not one single time did any of them refer to the main part of the sign - that is the $75million debt," said Mr Evans.

"Well this week the sign is upgraded to show the current level of debt which is now over $100million. This is huge so I guess they will probably ignore that as well. The good news is the public aren't ignoring it and I have had overwhelming feedback endorsing my attempts to show how badly this council is performing."

Mr Evans said the hard decisions have not been made and it is time the Mayor and Council resigned.

"Democracy is dieing in Kapiti. With 8000 petitioners over the water meters being completely ignored the council has showed their contempt for the people who elected them. It is time for them to go," said Mr Evans.

rose (added 371 weeks ago)
this council is over spending just look at the council new building what a joke look at Greece and Spain this council is following in their foot steps its about time our wonderful Mayor moved on with other's in her council, they would not be missed.
John J (added 376 weeks ago)
Exactly right. Its time for them to go.
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