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Intersection lights misguided says campaigner
16 May
Roading campaigner Chris Glover says keep the roundabout

Roading campaigner Chris Glover says plans for lights at the intersection at Kapiti and Rimu Roads in Paraparaumu is misguided.
Work has started on the second stage of the upgrade of the intersection upgrade with the initial undergrounding of existing overhead services.
The first stage of the project involved moving the Kapiti Primary School staff carpark and the child drop-off area around to the back of the school in Ngahina Place opposite the Community Centre.

Mr Glover said the current roundabout with a few modifications would be fine.

"Traffic lights are not the answer. They will not make traffic flows better and can only make things worse. Consultants have a lot of money to make on this project the way Council wants it. The more cost the more they make and it is completely unnecessary," said Mr Glover.
Council's Group Manager Infrastructure Sean Mallon said it is a major intersection upgrade and motorists are advised that delays can be expected over the coming months.
"While every effort will be made to limit or reduce the effects of the construction works, we suggest motorists try to avoid the intersection if possible. For example, Paraparaumu Beach residents driving to Coastlands could use Raumati Road to avoid delays at the Kapiti /Rimu Rd intersection."
The main contract, which involves the widening of Kapiti Road and Rimu Road leading up to the intersection and the installation of traffic lights, has been awarded to Fulton Hogan Ltd for $985,000.
The road widening work will start in the week of May 23 and is expected to be completed by late August 2011.
Current users of the roadside parking on Kapiti Road and Rimu Road in the vicinity of the intersection will need to make alternative parking arrangements.
Pedestrian safety crossing Kapiti Road is paramount so the zebra crossing, including the School Patrol, will remain until the traffic lights are in operation.
The works include wider footpaths, cycle lanes on the approaches to the intersection and additional through traffic lanes.
Mr Glover says the project is a huge waste of ratepayers money when there is a huge amount of evidence to show a roundabout in this situation is a much better option.

Chris Glover Kapiti Coast NZ (added 361 weeks ago)
Traffic flow was much better with the roundabout most of the time. There was no stopping and waiting for the lights to turn green, you could drive thru whenever there was an opportunity.Kapiti road West was 3 lanes and widened to 5 lanes to reduce peak congestionat the traffic lights. 4 lanes and pedestrian crossings would have been required for an upgraded roundabout.
Paul (added 390 weeks ago)
Well Mr Glover, isn't it time you conceded you were wrong about the lights? They work well. No incredibly long slow crawls up Kapiti Road as cars slowly go through the roundabout. Sure traffic stops, but when idling is using far less petrol than crawling along in first gear. But I'm guessing Mr Glover isn't man enough to man up that he was wrong.
NeedLights (added 418 weeks ago)
Dont agree. If Traffic lights are in sync they can work better. Maybe Mr Glover does not realize that the thing he is standing on is a roundabout - And its not working.
Andy (added 419 weeks ago)
Mr Glover, you say, "the project is a huge waste of ratepayers money when there is a huge amount of evidence to show a roundabout in this situation is a much better option" ummm there is already a roundabout at this intersection and its clearly not working. Modifying it won't solve anything either. Traffic lights if synced correctly with the lights on SH1/Kapiti Rd will improve things a great deal. We have enough traffic circles already thanks.
Hamish (added 431 weeks ago)
Completely correct Mr Glover. The roundabout is the best option. traffic lights are another big waste of ratepayers money
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