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Better access to health services in the Greater Wellington Region.
April 27 - From Hekia Parata, National MP

If you or someone in your family is ill and needs surgery the last thing you want to be worrying about is whether or not you'll get the operation you so desperately need.

The National-led Government is working hard to improve our public health system. We want New Zealanders to have faith in our system and know they will get the treatment they require.

Although the world recession has forced many countries to freeze or reduce what they spend on health, the National-led Government has invested an extra $57 million into the Capital and Coast District Health Board. We spend around $642 million on the Capital and Coast District Health Board each year.

We are dedicated to protecting and growing our public health service. Part of this work involves improving the performance of our District Health Boards by setting health targets.

These targets include improved access to elective surgery, shorter stays in emergency departments, shorter waits for cancer treatment, and increased immunisation. It's brilliant to see the Boards are working towards these targets.

An extra 736 people in the greater Wellington region have had elective surgery over the last two years for operations such as: general surgery, orthopaedics, ear, nose and throat conditions.

More than 2,100 people, aged 65 and over, in the greater Wellington region, have had elective surgery like hip replacements, cataracts and joint replacements.

Nationally, an extra 20,000 people are getting elective selective surgery. That's an extra 400 patients receiving operations a week.

As well as the gains in elective surgery, our Government is delivering on its promise to reduce waiting times at emergency departments. Under National, around 600 more patients were seen and treated at Captial and Coast emergency departments within six hours. That's an increase of 8 per cent from 2009. A total of 8,887 patients were seen within 6 hours in the three months to 31 December 2010.

Waiting times for cancer treatment has also vastly improved. By December 2010, 100 per cent of patients needing radiation treatment started their treatment within six weeks.

More two year-olds are being immunised. An extra 350 two-year-olds were fully immunised in the Capital and Coast region during 2009 and 2010.

Out National-led Government is achieving its goal of boasting front line staff. Around 220 extra nurses and 60 extra doctors have been added to the Capital and Coast District public health service.

I am absolutely delighted with the progress this Government is making and that you and your family are getting the health care that you deserve.

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