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Tobacco industry killing spree closer to ending

The Cancer Society congratulates the Government on its forward thinking when considering the recommendations made following the Maori Affairs Select Committee's Inquiry on the tobacco industry in New Zealand and the consequences of tobacco use for Maori.
The Government has considered many of the 48 recommendations contained in the report, the most controversial being the goal of supporting New Zealand to become a smoke-free nation by 2025.
"The Government made tremendous headway when late last year it banned powerwall displays of tobacco, by a date yet to be announced. Now New Zealand could lead the world by committing to a Smokefree country by 2025," said Dalton Kelly, Chief Executive of the Cancer Society. "We couldn't be more delighted."

Recommendations accepted by the Government include:

  • Developing appropriate mid-term targets for reducing tobacco consumption and smoking rates towards achieving this goal (Smokefree by 2025)
  • Considering legislative amendments concerning the promotion, packaging, and display of tobacco products through the Smoke-free Environments (Controls and Enforcement) Bill which is currently before the House
  • Reviewing information disclosure regulations for tobacco products and consider implementing a more stringent regime regarding information about the additives in tobacco products
  • Investigating using existing regulatory powers to reduce the use of additives and nicotine levels, as a possible next step following the work on information disclosure
  • Investigating measures relating to the supply and availability of tobacco, once New Zealand has made more progress to reduce smoking rates.

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