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Plunket: Keep kids safe on the roads
5 February
Extra care is needed as thousands of Kapiti kids start school

Plunket is urging people to keep an eye out for children as they head back to school.

As New Zealand's largest provider of services to support the health and development of children under five, Plunket recognises many children will be venturing off to school for the first time.

Sue Campbell, Plunket's National Child Safety Advisor says parents will often have a lot to deal with getting children to school, but needed to remember to keep them safe.

"Remember that no matter how short the journey, your child still needs to be restrained in a car seat or booster seat. You can seek expert assistance from a Child restraint technician who can advise you about the best car seat for your child's age and weight, and one that is best suited to your car. Child restraint technicians are available through Plunket car seat rental schemes, and at a number of other hire outlets or retailers.

"Not all car seats fit all vehicles so it is really important to try it in your vehicle before you buy or hire it, be sure to read the manual and follow the instructions for installing it. The safest place for all car seats is in the back seat, so that they are away from airbags that are in car dashboards.

"For parents and caregivers this can be an emotional and busy time but it's also about remembering to buckle children in every time they are riding in the car,"
Sue says.

"Everyone needs to be that bit more aware that more children are about, as well as people with prams and strollers, and drive more cautiously."

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