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How Important is your Vote
7 October

Ross Church, Mayoral Candidate for Kapiti, says it is important that everyone votes in the local elections.
"Your vote does count. Having your say is important," says Mr Church.
"Elections have been won by just one vote," says Mr Church. "Thomas Jefferson was elected President of the USA by one vote.
"Emily Davison died in her quest to get the vote for women," he says. "We owe it to our forebears, ourselves, and our community to vote, because we then end up with the leadership we want," he says.
"Please don't think there is no point in voting, that they (candidates) are all the same," says Mr Church. He says that the candidates are as different as chalk and cheese, and they reflect the differences in society.
Mr Church has, throughout the election campaign, stated it is important to have diversity around the council table, so there is a true reflection of the community's wishes brought to the council table.
"Lot's of positive people, with positive ideas, have put themselves forward," he says.
"Your vote does count, your vote does matter".

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