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Aquatic Centre gets green light
16 September
Thrilled to get the green light for the Kapiti Aquatic Centre are Trust chair Neil Mackay, Rob Borges, Jane Smart, Peter Knight and Mayor Jenny Rowan.

It has now been officially confirmed that Kapiti is to get a new Aquatic Centre.
In a sometimes tense debate in the Council Chamber today Councillor Lyndy McIntyre emerged as an unlikely hero for those wanting the Aquatic Centre.
Cr McIntyre and Cr Patton had vigorously tested the case for the Centre earlier in the meeting and they were joined by Cr Jack who questioned the financial viability of the project and the further impact on rates.
In the end it was an amendment moved by Cr McIntyre that sealed the deal, much to the delight of the many supporters of the Aquatic Centre.
"I believe it was important to raise concerns. This is a huge cost and it was important to ensure transparency," said Cr McIntyre.
Mr Mackay said the Council decision today was great news for the people of Kapiti. "This means we can move forward with some certainty. It was a very good decision and we are delighted with the outcome."
Mayor Rowan was also very pleased to have got this passed ahead of the election. A strong supporter of the Aquatic Centre for the last three years, Mayor Rowan said this will be a superb new asset for the district.

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