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Underpass overview
16 September


Tony Lloyd's comments about the Waikanae Underpass follow his early statement that K C D C had backed off its support for the solution to SH1, Elizabeth St, and rail crossing delays, that is simply not the true state of Council support. The Long Term Community plan is specific in its support.
He then gave comment around a poor piece of reporting that never asked for Council or Board comment, and from an NZTA representative had made without the full facts as became apparent at Tuesday's Board meeting under questioning of NZTA planners from myself and other Board members.
The press statement today using my exact words when questioning about delaying the underpass until Council will have to pay should have been noted as coming from me but instead he would like you to think he has raised it for the first time!!!
Mr Lloyd needs to do his own research, its all out there in the public domain instead of jumping on every word other people say in his usual knee jerk reaction statements to the press and voters. His time away after seeking a Regional Council seat have left him way behind planning and grasping at straws to catch up.

Eric Gregory
Member and Candidate Waikanae Community Board
Candidate Waikanae Ward

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