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SaveKapiti group is growing rapidly
3 September

SaveKapiti was set up as a group of citizens "dedicated to preserving our iconic Kapiti landscapes from destruction by an unnecessary and poorly thought out roading option," says spokesperson Colin Baxter.

"We seek to find solutions to the roading problems of Kapiti that will best serve both the local community and the wider public of New Zealand."

Mr Baxter said "SaveKapiti has been asking for public support in challenging this central government imposed "solution" which will damage our unique coastal communities forever."

It appears the message is being well received. Over 400 turned up for a recent public meeting at El Rancho in Waikanae. At that meeting Labour MP and Transport spokesperson Darren Hughes committed a future Labour government to 100% funding of the local road from national coffers.

SaveKapiti says of the proposed re-routing of SH1 as a motorway-expressway through the heart of Kapiti;
- This is not a local road but a high speed (100km/h) bypass intended for North-South traffic, with very limited access for the people of Kapiti:
- It was decided by a rushed and confusing "consultation process" of less than 2 months from September 2009;
- 63.8% of the 4446 respondents did not support the final outcome. No one wants a new motorway built next to them, with the constant noise of heavy traffic;
- Nineteen of the 21 key stakeholders identified (see NZTA consultation document) preferred other options or did not state a preference;
- KCDC's years of patient and responsible consultation with the local community around a local road (the Western Link Road) was not given status as an option and was therefore excluded from the debate.
Our beautiful coastal environment and seaside communities will be scarred forever if the Expressway goes ahead on this route;
Only two years ago, Waikanae was named North-South's top small town in New Zealand.
Mr Baxter asks "Why compromise something as special as this?"
SaveKapiti has a website and is also on Facebook.

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