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Putting the record straight
25 August


Mr Turver continues to spread misinformation of the sort which led to my criticisms last week. I said then the community was being misled by malicious misinformation about Council and its staff. To brand this kind of behaviour by wannabe candidates as unaccepatble is not to play personality politics as I explained to Cr Molineux at the time.
For the record:

  • I am not Jenny Rowan's campaign manager.
  • The Council has not set rate increases for the next four years. To claim that is more than misleading, it also betrays Mr Turver's lack of understanding of long term planning processes. See my last paragraph below.
  • Mr Turver is also again misreprsenting staff numbers. The small growth in staff numbers has actually saved ratepayers' money because expensive outside consultants have been replaced by in-house expertise.

    Adrian Webster

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