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Motoring for the Mayoralty - Ross Church joins the race
13 August
Mayoral Candidate Ross Church

And then there were three. Local businessman Ross Church has announced his intention to seek the Kapiti mayoralty. Mr Church joins fellow challenger Chris Turver and encumbent Jenny Rowan.

Mr Church is calling for fresh thinking on Council.

"Within a community, we don't always agree on what is best: of course not. That's the beauty of democracy: freedom and individualism. Varied opinions are vital to healthy debate and fresh thinking.

"I believe the council process works best when councillors are free to make the best decision they can on the issue that faces them. Collaboration in council is vital, and people are more likely to work together, for the good of all, when they can make decisions based on the facts before them," said Mr Church.

"Over the next few weeks you are going to be offered lots of candidates policies and opinions. I, too, will share my thoughts. If you want to know what I think please ask me."

Mr Church says he would love to talk to people in any groups or organisations, who would like to hear his vision for Kapiti. You can email or call:, 027 4405 840.

Mr Church is also a candidate for a District-wide Council seat.

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