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David Mitchell in bid for Council
22 August
Kapiti Candidate David Mitchell

David Mitchell of Otaki is making a run at the Mayoralty and a District-wide seat on Council. Mr Mitchell is the General Secretary of United Ratepayers and says he has identified a number of key issues for the coming election.

"We must control rates. We aim to hold rates to inflation level. We will monitor Council expenditure. The Waikanae Bridge is to be built immediately and Household watertanks at would be supplied at factory prices."
Mr Mitchell has a business background in both wholesale and retail. "Presently I am General Secretary of UNITED RATEPAYERS with branches in Paraparaumu, Waikanae and Otaki. We have no affiliation except for the welfare of all ratepayers."
Mr Mitchell says United Ratepayers wish to promote commonsense in Council decision making and maximum accountability with expenditure.
"I work in conjunction with our Executive Committee."

Mr Mitchell is also a candidate for Mayor.

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