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Tony Lloyd stands for Waikanae
18 August
Tony Lloyd

Disappointed but not surprised that Council has backed away from supporting the Waikanae Community over the underpass issue, says former Waikanae Community Board chair Tony Lloyd. "I'm so disenchanted with the current Kapiti Coast District Council's performance that I will stand for election as a candidate for the Waikanae Ward in the October elections with a focus on what is necessary and affordable for the district."
"The priority is to stop wasting ratepayer money on nice-to-have extravagances and to concentrate our efforts on getting essentials like water supply sorted out once and for all."

Mr Lloyd says getting the basic infrastructure of Kapiti sorted out is critical at a time when Kapiti faces population growth triggered by more frequent rail services to Wellington which will suddenly be within easy commuter reach for Waikanae families – and with better road access with Transmission Gully and the Western Link Expressway that population growth will only increase.

"These changes will bring more demand not only for houses but for jobs and schools and I see no evidence that the KCDC has even begun to plan for this sort of growth except in generalised ways in the district plan.

"How we approach and manage these challenges will require decisions based on commonsense, practicality and affordability," he says.

"A switch of the main state highway to the Western Expressway in a few years will open up exciting redevelopment opportunities for the Waikanae business centre and hopefully clear up any remaining issues
around the current unsafe roading system through the town."

Mr Lloyd is married and has lived in Waikanae for 23 years. He has a business management and governance background including Chairmanship of the Kapanui School Board of Trustees and Coasters Musical Theatre which made him a life member last year.

"I have previously been a Community Board member for 9 years and Chair for three years."

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