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Parents urged to take control
6 August
Photo from last year's Kapiti College Ball

The Kapiti and Paraparaumu College Balls are on the 7th and 14th of August and Kapiti Police Sergeant Jacquie Muir is urging parents to be aware of the potential problems that arise when youth and alcohol mix.

Police are urging Parents holding after ball parties to consider the following:

  • Sale of Liquor Act Legislation more specifically supplying alcohol to those under the age of 18 years.
  • Security at the Party, as more often than not uninvited people arrive.
  • What is their plan for dealing with these uninvited guests
  • Guest transport home from the party.
  • Host responsibility such as supplying food.
  • Notify police of the address the function is being held at and a contact phone number for the host.

    "Unfortunately there is a correlation here in the Kapiti area, that when there are parties, large numbers of youth and alcohol there is inevitably a large amount of disorder and property damage in and around neighbouring properties. There is usually an increase in the incidences of assault, general disorder and breach of peace," says Sgt. Muir.

    Police urge Parents to take a pro-active approach and consider transportation from the Ball to home, or transport from the Ball to a well organised after ball function and then home.

    Sgt Muir said this will reduce the incidence of crime and disorder in and around the Kapiti area.

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