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Call for Te Rauparaha Statue removal
June 13, 2020


Letter sent to KCDC

Dear Mr Mayor and CEO,

I note you have the Te Rauparaha statue in your district in Ōtaki.
Why are you celebrating a murderer, cannibal and rapist? Are you proud of this sorry sick human? He decimated and hammered the poor Maori people of Ngai Tahu North Canterbury and his affect right across the South Island is still felt today.

I look forward to you removing this statue forthwith.

Matt Robinson

Steve (added 30 weeks ago)
I wonder if the point of Matt Robinson's letter has been missed? Isn't it that we are unmasking people whose bad behaviour towards others needs to be called out? I can't see that it matters who paid for what statue or where such are erected matters. It's the bad behaviour that matters surely?
Wiremu (added 30 weeks ago)
The racist reactionary bigots canít seem to connect the dots here. Seems statues to murders and slavers are just fine, just as long as they arenít pakeha.
J Wirihana Te Rei (added 30 weeks ago)
"The Council has nothing to do with this memorial. It was privately commissioned and paid for and is erected on Maori-owned land" copy and pasted from A Hisotrians comment. Do. Not. Touch. or incite anyone else to vandalise that statue. If it happens, descendants, which are many will be demand you show up and explain first as the instigator to damage a statue -NOT ON PUBLIC LAND, NOT KCDC PROPERTY. rnRacist reactions not welcome.
Richard Smythe (added 30 weeks ago)
Well, if statues of colonists that invaded and killed indigenous people should come down; Te Rauparaha's statue should. He tried to take over Rekohu and nearly killed off the Moriori race. Don't be hypocritical.
Christine (added 30 weeks ago)
Nah they have to get through his tribe before removing that statue no way are they ever going to do that. But you are right it is only a statue. But while Ngati Raukawa ki te Tonga and Ngati Toa exist it's not going anywhere. Kei konei matou. Mana motuhake
Richard (added 30 weeks ago)
The statue of Te Raup makes him look like a Greek God - he was a murderous cannibal and ought not to be glorified in this way
Hine O'Carroll (added 30 weeks ago)
Don't act like you cared about the Maori people of the South Island before statues of colonial settlers started getting removed. It's disingenuous. Your racism is showing.
BLACK LIVES MATTER (added 30 weeks ago)
Your white privileged card has expired lads, its 2020 remember? All the maggots are getting found out, James Cook is next hahah!!
A Historian (added 30 weeks ago)
The Te Rauparaha memorial comprising a portrait marble bust, marble obelisk and bluestone base was (a) Commissioned by his son, Tamihana (Katu) Te Rauparaha, from Messrs Marsh, Grout and Co. of Melbourne, Australia in 1874 (b) paid for by Tamihana Te Rauparaha (c) erected upon what is to this day Maori land (d) opposite Rangiatea church, without whose support (ie the support of Te Rauparaha) the church could not have been built. The Council has nothing to do with this memorial. It was privately commissioned and paid for and is erected on Maori-owned land.
A Manning (added 31 weeks ago)
Aw wow why pull it down ? Its not doing anyone any harm ?? its only a statue ! i guess it doesn't matter if you do or dont ? But while your at it you might want to burn rip discard every New Zealand History book hes in too ! Because hes in all of them....He and Many other Maori across the Land are our past how can you even pass judgement or fact to what happened well over a few hundred years ago ??? I personally couldn't even speak on them let alone make a mockery of them there lives were a far cry harder then the ones we live now !!! And besides they sacrificed every thing they loved including there own blood and tears just too give us The Future (WE) a better place to live...Do what you want with a concrete statue but know this..... You come too Otaki and think you can do as you please well its not our Tupuna your disrespecting its the people and if I or Anyone else catch you vandalizing my Home Town you will wish you were hiding in a kumara pit underneath a woman chanting save me because I dont know who you think you are trying to make rules for every single individual person of New Zealand i have no idea what gives you the right to think u can just swan into Otaki and make up the rules because you can't get over the past.... you dimwit you and other halfwits who have a problem with the past or telling us to not live in the past get YOU !!! Tell yourselves that because we sure as hell dont live in the past ever !!! We do however pay respects to Our Past Family Whakapapa Tupuna and its simply because they are us they gave us the future and they deserve more then words they were people too...But go ahead do what u want but dont forget....The Ones That Took a flame to Rangiatea Church all died !!! All of them !!!...Theres rules and regulations in politics just like there is Sacred Taonga... So all those things you Dimwits want too take down please do it properly otherwise The Past Will See You In Your Near Future Holy Water Wont Help You They Can No Longer Drink Or Hear Your Heart Stop from Fright ..You piss them off When you Say There Names leave the Past Alone Or it Will Be Your Inevitable Future And..... Stay Out Of Otaki....
Ngaa Rauuira (added 31 weeks ago)
Matt Robinson, I guess the issue with that claim is that he did not colonise a third of the globe based on the absolute belief in White Supremacy nor stuck around to ensure European domination of the race-based systems ushered in by colonisation. You can pick your nose, but you can't pick your white supremacist gaslighting.
Claude Ketu (added 31 weeks ago)
Good read
Tayla R (added 31 weeks ago)
So many people out here saying ďwhat about Te RauparahaĒ and itís like are we really meant to believe you suddenly have a deep concern with the welfare of Ngāi Tahu tupuna at Kaiapoi or something cause I can guarantee all these people didnít know who he was until they saw someone else share something about it. As opposed to people who have a deep concern with the welfare of BBIPOC and racism cause itís not really the same. While there are many who are victimised by colonisation and still feel it today (represented by those statues), no one is still feeling victimised, hurt or antagonised by Te Rauparaha. And thatís the difference. rnrnItís not about the virtue or lack of, its about what theyíre symbols of and how they are still affecting people today and if people donít already understand that then theyíre never going to get it.
Kris MacDonald (added 31 weeks ago)
Matt Robinson can get stuffed. He doesn't speak on behalf of Ngai Tahu or Ngati Toa for that matter and their histories.
Sandra (added 31 weeks ago)
While your both at it, complaining about Te Rauparaha? Then stop using his Haka to prop NZ sporting codes! Can't have the cake and eat it boys!
Sandra (added 31 weeks ago)
Replying to David White, no that won't work unlike Waikato/Tainui, your money won't compete with ours! How does feel to be beat in your own game!
Gordon Thompson (added 31 weeks ago)
The 'poor Maori people o Ngai Tahu' killed Te Pehi Kupe.
David White (added 31 weeks ago)
Maybe you need to threaten to forcibly remove it yourself if they don't take action. That seemed to work for the Iwi elder for the Hamilton statue - they removed it immediately. Or maybe the Kapiti council will do what the Hamilton council should have done and treat that as a threat and get police to investigate.
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