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Rail to Otaki a Priority for Mackay
October 8, 2019
Kapiti Regional Council candidate Neil Mackay pushing for rail to Otaki.

Kapiti Regional Council candidate Neil Mackay says getting the rail through to Otaki will be a top priority for him.
"There is clearly a need for this and I was greatly disappointed, as were the public, at a recent meeting where the current regional councillor waved the surrender flag on this."
Mr Mackay says there is overwhelming public support for the electrification of the rail through to Otaki and this would have enormous benefits for the whole region.
"We all know there is significant population growth on the way in Kapiti and a great deal of it will be north of Waikanae. Now is the time to be preparing for that and completing the rail network to Otaki needs to be an important part of the transport strategy."
Mr Mackay says the costs are justified and the bonus is Otaki already has a railway station and commuter parking.
"Having the rail through to Otaki will be hugely beneficial to the local economy of Otaki and will also take much of the stress off the parking at Waikanae.
"It makes sense, the business case stacks up and I will be a staunch advocate for Kapiti," says Mr Mackay.

John Arthur (added 39 weeks ago)
I agree with Mr Mackay. This would be good news for the whole of the Kapiti economy. He has my vote.
Shirley Reid (added 39 weeks ago)
I agree. It would benefit everyone
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