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Name Needed for Detector Pup
April 11, 2019

This gorgeous wee lad and soon-to-be detector dog needs a name so we need your help!
"We're looking for a name beginning with 'M', as the puppy is part of the M-litter the 36th beagle litter we've produced under Biosecurity NZ's detector dog breeding programme," says Brett Hickman, Detection Technology Manager, Biosecurity NZ.
Mr Hickman says the programme produces sniffer dogs ideally suited for biosecurity.
"Our beagles can detect a wide range of odours and they have a strong drive to find risk items. This makes them a valuable biosecurity tool, although by no means the only thing we use to protect New Zealand's borders from invasive pests and diseases."
Along with name suggestions, we're looking for volunteer foster families in Auckland and Hamilton to help the detector puppies get used to dealing with the public before they begin their formal training - find out more about that here:

You've got until April 19 to send us your suggestions (just leave a comment here) and sorry, MPI staff who work on the detector dogs team are not eligible to enter.
A couple of guidelines:
- Shorter is better
- Nothing offensive
- This puppy is male
- Only one entry per person please
- Our panel of judges will decide on the winner

To Make your name suggestion click

Candy Luty (added 5 weeks ago)
Samala Franklyn (added 5 weeks ago)
Lesley (added 5 weeks ago)
Moe or Marty
Sue Boyde (added 5 weeks ago)
Matu - after the manager of Nga Manu!
Merlin (added 5 weeks ago)
Magical powers of detection
Max (added 5 weeks ago)
Aftrr Maxwell Smart because he always got the bad guy
Helena Taylor (added 5 weeks ago)
Mc Guyver
Helen (added 5 weeks ago)
Josoda (added 5 weeks ago)
Sherlock (added 5 weeks ago)

Simon (added 5 weeks ago)
Mac (added 5 weeks ago)
Easy to call and cool name for this handsome dog. I liked it for my son but it was vetoed:-)
Bev waters (added 5 weeks ago)
Christine Lunn (added 5 weeks ago)
Ross (added 5 weeks ago)
Colin Harwood (added 5 weeks ago)
Natasha (added 5 weeks ago)
Margaret (added 5 weeks ago)
Murdoch (added 5 weeks ago)
As in the famous detective William Murdoch from Murdoch mysteries tv show
Mellissa Pikett (added 5 weeks ago)
Nik (added 5 weeks ago)
Mr Higgins
Anita Williams (added 5 weeks ago)
I think Marko - what a cutie :)
Julia (added 5 weeks ago)
Meagle the Beagle?
Carole Shaw (added 5 weeks ago)
Jo-Anne Hare (added 5 weeks ago)
I think a good name would be Mario.
Jo (added 5 weeks ago)
Penny (added 5 weeks ago)
Casey..( K C )
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