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Kāpiti Expressway Woes Continue
March 6, 2019
Road crews working on the Kāpiti Expressway this week just south of Waikanae.

The news for the Kāpiti Expressway remains bad as the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) have announced more major repairs of almost 16 kilometres of the road.
NZTA Acting Senior Manager Project Delivery Karen Boyt says, "Extensive investigations into issues on the Expressway have confirmed the need to carry out repairs of the left lanes in both directions."
NZTA have identified that water has been penetrating the road pavement, resulting in a discolouration of the road surface and changes to its texture.
They repaired 8.9 kilometres of the Expressway throughout 2018 but have now confirmed that the issue extends along the majority of the north and south bound left lanes.
Work to repair the further 15.8 kilometres will begin next week. This work is expected to take approximately six months to complete.
NZTA says, "We recognise that this is an inconvenience to road users and we will be working hard to keep people informed and to minimise impacts as much as possible."
Ms Boyt says "four kilometres of road at the northern end of the expressway has performed well and does not require repairs."

Maureen Ellis (added 80 weeks ago)
On the day the expressway was opened we got told this was a new surface that the water went through and wouldn't spray as usually happens. Obviously they never tried it out first, just thought it was a good idea. Maybe they would have been better to investigate the seal now being made from plastics etc that l saw mentioned recently from a country overseas.A7rwfc
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