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Kapiti Cr Scott says no Board members excluded
Kapiti Cr Michael Scott, Chair of the Operations & Finance Committee, responds to allegations from two Community Board members.

Senior Kapiti Councillor Michael Scott has come out firing at two Community Board members who made allegations this week that Board members were being deliberately excluded from meetings.
Cr Scott, Chair of the Operations & Finance Committee says the statement from Bernie Randall and Guy Burns was extraordinary.
"Another extraordinary post from Bernie and Guy. As each week goes past the level of fantasy from these two simply grows."
Cr Scott says in 2018 pre-planning for the annual plan began. That included early involvement of the district's four community boards.
The four boards have made their own presentation regarding their view and submissions into the annual plan process.
"Councillors are currently in year 2 of the Long Term Plan (LTP). KCDC will be placing an information document before the community. As always the community will have a chance to let council know their views on year two of the plan.
"We as a council are working hard to keep to the green line - spend less, pay back more and close the depreciation gap. No one will be disenfranchised with any comment or submission put before councillors. As always everyone who wants to can let their views be known, says Cr Scott.
"What we are not doing is spending tens of thousands of dollars re-litigating all the details of last year's LTP, that we exhaustively consulted on. There are currently no significant changes planned. We will spend that money we save on things the community wants.
"Of course Bernie and Guy know all of this, but are not known for letting the facts get in the way of their posts. There will be newspaper advertising, website information and hard copy documents available for our community to consider."
Cr Scott says they will try and do this a month earlier as that takes the pressure off trying to get refrains of the plan signed off close to the statutory adoption date.
"For completeness sake, Bernie had left Audit and Risk last Thursday immediately after he had his lunch. There were no other Community Board members present and none were excluded."

Bernie Randall (added 70 weeks ago)
Rather than focus on myself and Guy the Waikanae Ward Councillorís time would be better spent on Waikanae matters. Can he confirm that there will be a review underway into the Waikanae library? When was the decision made? Is it an internal or independent review? What are the terms of reference?rnrnIt seems this information is selectively distributed. Again, itís all about openness and transparency Councillor. Letís see whether a detailed response will be given to readers.rn
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