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Kapiti call for emergency transparency
February 3, 2018
Kapiti community campaigner Dale Evans

Community campaigner Dale Evans has recently raised the issue about confusing public warnings of natural disaster events.
"If the siren goes off how are the public to know if it is for fire, flood, tsunami or earthquake," says Mr Evans.
Mr Evans is calling for complete transparency over emergency management on the Kapiti Coast.
"For instance, how do the public know which buildings are considered an earthquake risk. We all know there are buildings in Kapiti that would be unlikely to comply but they are not identified for the public who should have the right to decide if they want to go in them or not."
He says the public need to be made aware of our Civil Defence systems and where the designated safe community halls are.
"Our Mayor and councillors need to step forward and take action now. Not everybody chooses to look at the KCDC website, so unless we have some other forms of getting the information out there it goes nowhere."
Mr Evans says at the last 'rumble and tumble' the Community at large had no idea what to do or where to go. People were heading in their cars going all different directions.
He is suggesting implementing sirens of different types and length of time to indicate which emergency it relates to.
"With a practice once every six months in most vulnerable areas.
A button in areas such as on Reserve land, or most sighted area, or Malls, township so people can gain what sirens are for what, with the information next to them."

He says things have to be seen in public areas. Not just pamphlets or websites.

Kapiti Emergency Contacts - See Public Notices section

Cari (added 80 weeks ago)
The Emergency Management team as part of their role should be working with and educating the public. Part of community resilience.
John Arthur (added 80 weeks ago)
Would be helpful to have a list of the buildings in Kapiti that need earthquake strengthening or pulling down.
Diane Turner (added 80 weeks ago)
Dale I would be happy to help host a stand with info on display at coastlands mall including takeaway leaflets or pamphlets on what to do in case of emergency. Even if it is just a stand that says WE DO NOT HAVE SIRENS FOR TSUNAMI OR EARTHQUAKE EMERGENCIES. This article has probably confused more people than it has helped. They will be sat at home wondering what the siren sounds like now!!
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