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Kapiti LED way on lighting
September 3, 2017
Before and After - conventional lighting and LED lighting.

The future looks bright for Kapiti as the district prepares to switch to the more energy-efficient street lighting.
Approximately 2,000 of the district's 4,786 street lamps will be replaced with new white light-emitting diode (LED) lights over the next nine months.
Infrastructure Services Group Manager Sean Mallon says the conversion is being made possible as a result of a one-off Government subsidy.
"The NZ Transport Agency will contribute 85 per cent of the estimated $1 million cost to convert to LED lights.
"LED lights are more expensive, but they provide better illumination and draw more than 50 per cent less power.
"They also have a much longer shelf life, around 20 years compared to four to five years for a sodium vapour street lamp, which means they don't need to be replaced as often and the cost to run and maintain street lighting is reduced."
LED lights have already been installed in parts of Kapiti and the Council plans to use the subsidy to complete the balance of Paekakariki, Otaki and Waikanae.
Mr Mallon says people will notice a difference once the LED lights have been installed.
"LED lights omit a crisp white light which can appear much brighter than the dull orange light you get from traditional street lamps. The light spill will also be directed downwards to the road and footpath which will reduce light pollution."
Subject to funding, Council will replace the remaining yellow sodium vapour street lamps in the district with LED lights over the next three years.

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