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Kapiti Ratepayers fill Auckland begging bowl

Isn't it strange. Auckland historically has low rates increases and currently they are to be set at 2.5%. Almost everywhere else, and particularly here in Kapiti rates are pretty high and average increases are also pretty large. Here we are used to anything between 5 and 7% increases in our rates.
With the election upon us Auckland Council has it's begging bowl out to all political parties and they seem to be vying with one another to satisfy Auckland's desires.
So here we are being beaten silly by enormous rates rises yet it would seem that we also have to subsidise these poor Aucklanders through Central Government taxes.
Perhaps our local would be, and sitting MPs, could explain this to us

Brian Baggott

Fred (added 127 weeks ago)
More to the point, how about the KCDC council explain just how they intend to reduce Kapiti's rates. Or do they intend to go for another record increase?
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