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Councillor chooses 'Kapiti Coast Highway'
8 July, 2017
Kapiti Councillor Jackie Elliott

After reading all 700plus renaming SH1 submissions, there is one standout name I will support - Kapiti Coast Highway -, says Kapiti's Districtwide Councillor Jackie Elliott.

"Two years ago when council was first told to consult with the public and select a new name, I realised the importance of giving the road a strong identity. For residents, for businesses and for tourists.
"Yes the process dictated public consultation and it has been a valuable local discussion. As a fifth generation Kapiti Coaster, it is a privilege to be a decision maker on this and I do not take that lightly."
Cr Elliott says Council chose to consult with Iwi and historian Anthony Dreaver first. "We did, but having seven names proposed was not suitable for 75% of submitters, and we have listened to you. Over the past week, your elected members have received and read each and every submission before further discussion over the next few weeks."
Cr Elliott says her choice, Kapiti Coast Highway, still stands.
"The name simply states - who we are, where we are and what we are, Kapiti Coasters. It identifies us with the Island. It is competitively appealing to tourists who land on our shore. It is evocative. Try telling our thousands of visitors to come and discover Main Road South. I say no more."
"The name is bi-lingual. It should gain the approval of all Kapiti's Iwi. When I was Chair of the Public Art Panel, Iwi proposed a series of carved Po along the length of the road. Great idea, and now we have the names for seven of those Po. I would also suggest Te Rauparaha, Bishop Octavious Hadfield, Bishop Pompallier, Len Southward and our first mayor Barry Hadfield as well, to tell our rich history for all."
Cr Elliott says the name Kapiti Coast Highway, with numbering beginning in Paekakariki, can easily be extended through to Otaki on the completion of the PP20, continuously, one place, one name.
"Discover the Kapiti Coast Highway and you will discover the vital artery of economic viability for our townships. Discover our history, heritage, art and access to our coast's natural assets. I believe we, Kapiti Coasters will start to use the name with pride. We should be proud - it is ours, it is us."

Cr Elliott (added 107 weeks ago)
This is a very good question Gary, and I do not see why your community Boards couldn't prod KCDC to lobby NZTA for this financial mitigation on your behalves, have you asked them? Otaki have successfully negotiated a mitigation package.
gary walton (added 109 weeks ago)
If you own a business along the old highway, are the council going to pay for all the change of addresses on their stationary and setting up new change of addresses?
Bernie Randall (added 110 weeks ago)
Good luck to Councillor Elliot for her choice of Kapiti Coast Highway. The feedback certainly indicated strong preference for one name. The English rock band, ‘Status Quo” appears to be a particular favourite name. Who would have guessed that the band had so many supporters on the Coast. There was a suggestion by some of ‘Roadymcroadface’. Thank goodness there was no road naming competition or frivolousness might well have dominated.
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