Kāpiti waste reduction grants support green community projects

Kāpiti community groups, Iwi/Māori organisations, schools, neighbourhood groups and businesses have until 20 October to apply for funding to support solutions that reduce waste.

Council’s contestable Waste Reduction Grants fund community projects, seed funding for waste minimisation projects, and business waste reduction.

$30,000 is set aside to fund a range of practical, on-the-ground waste minimisation projects that encourage community participation, education and/or are of benefit to the Kāpiti community, leading to long-term waste minimisation action.

$20,000 is also available for Seed Funding and business waste reduction projects. These projects must either establish waste minimisation businesses or initiatives on the Kāpiti Coast, creating opportunities for reducing waste and economic development, or support businesses in setting up a long-term waste minimisation measure, such as composting waste on site, for example.

For the Paekākāriki Community Orchard and Gardens (POG) community group, the 2019/20 Seed Funding Waste Reduction Grant meant they could launch a unique village-wide composting initiative, which collects household food scraps and turns them into compost for the community garden’s fruit trees.

“We were staggered to learn that 28 per cent of Kāpiti’s kerbside rubbish collection is kitchen scraps. When added to landfill, these resources generate leachate and methane that contribute to environmental pollution and climate change. Council funding means we now have an awesome e-bike and trailer for collecting scraps and two large composting bins in the Paekākāriki Community garden,” says POG member Doris Zuur.

“We’re predicting that using this service to recycle food scraps may also allow locals to rent a smaller rubbish bin each month too.”

Group Manager Infrastructure Services Sean Mallon says this is a great opportunity for community-based organisations and local businesses to fund projects focused on waste minimisation that wouldn’t otherwise get off the ground.

“We encourage social enterprises, businesses and all types of community groups to apply for the waste reduction grants,” says Mr Mallon.

Applications can be completed online at www.kapiticoast.govt.nz/waste-reduction-grants before 20 October 2020.

Final approval of funding will be undertaken by the Grants Allocation Committee (Waste Levy) in February 2021.

Where does the funding come from?

When rubbish goes into a New Zealand landfill, a waste levy of $10 per tonne (currently) is collected by the Ministry for the Environment (MfE). A portion of this money is allocated to Kāpiti Coast District Council by MfE, based on population. This money is used to promote or achieve waste minimisation as set out in Council’s Waste Management and Minimisation Plan, and includes the waste reduction grants.